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Do you Have WHAT IT TAKES? I am betting on you!

Today I find myself wondering how anyone today can have confidence in knowing what it takes to be healthy and fit. There is so much misinformation out there!  I ask, how do you know?  What does it take? Those of you who know me, know that I am a no nonsense person and I like


Ally’s Adventures – checking out different fitness classes around town! Vol 1

Today’s adventure was Orange Theory Fitness.  I liked this concept because it combines high intensity interval cardio with strength.  The goal is to stay in certain zones to boost the metabolic effect.  They use heart rate monitors so you have constant feedback. So….me and my girlfriend head out to do the trial class on Saturday

9 Simple things to do this year to improve your health!

First – get some form of exercise in every day.  Even just a brisk walk during lunch will help. Get your probiotics – Having a healthy gut is key to increasing immunity, decreasing inflammation and better absorb nutrients in your food. Exercise your brain – do some puzzles and mix them up.  If you always

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Winter Fat Melt-Down!

This blog post is random tidbits and news to help you shed the winter bloat! TABATA – no it is not a sandwich!  It is a workout protocol where you alternate work and rest period of 20 seconds / 10 seconds for 4 minutes.  This type of training can be done with strength moves or cardio

Try this for a great core workout!

  This is an alligator plank and demonstrates how to safely progress to a 10# plate.  

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Are you Ready to Rock your Resolutions!! Let’s Get REAL in 2015!

It is always interesting to me to see all the stories, articles and books that come out in the new year.  I was at one of the few remaining book stores in Nashville today and was amazed at all the diet books!  Don’t eat this, be sure to eat that, avoid this at all costs!


Let’s Make Some SOUP!

As you may or may not know, I am somewhat famous (hahaha) for my soup.  And what you may also not know is that there is a process to making soups and stocks, and it is really easy!  I took a class in Seattle about 20 years ago that was a “Tools and Techniques” class.  The

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Nutrition Goals for September! This is the Final Chapter! If you missed it, start with July and finish up with September!

Have you been following these nutrition goals?  July’s goals laid the foundation, August introduced new goals and this month’s activities will hone it in!   Week 1 – Eat Clean! This means eating more whole real food.  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, low fat dairy, nuts and seeds.  Limit processed and refined carbohydrates. Week 2 –

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Nutrition Goals for August…..week by week!

Week 1 – Increase intake of fruits and vegetables! Be sure to eat a variety in all colors.  Each color represents different phytochemicals that work at the cellular level providing anti oxidants as well as protection from diseases.  Week 2 – Skip late night snacks! Try not to eat before bed.  If you have to,

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